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Shaathi is a social enterprise operating in Bangladesh since August 2020. Our mission is to empower women and girls through the provision of locally-produced Shaathi pads, and to promote menstrual practices that are safe, clean and eco-friendly. This project is specially designed for unprivileged women and girls who lack the purchasing power to access sanitary pads at commercial pricing. In addition, we believe that pairing our reusable menstrual kit with an education curriculum is essential for breaking down menstrual barriers, addressing taboos, and improving menstrual health and hygiene standards.

"To improve the health, well-being and social and economic participation of women and girls in Bangladesh."







Our reusable menstrual pads are cost-effective, waste-reducing, and offer complete protection for around 12 months. Know more from our FAQs!


There are no irritating chemicals in Shaathi pads, only soft materials making sure you have your cycle in comfort and style.

Shaathi Pads

We have developed our Shaathi pads with the aim of creating a set of reusable pads that best meet the needs and preferences of women and girls. Our Menstrual Health and Hygiene solution drives change through product, education and evidence. We believe if we can overcome menstrual barriers, we are one step closer to gender equality.


We invite you to become a Shaathi Ambassador and help change the world one period at a time.

Are you interested in sharing Shaathi’s vision of eco-positive, dignified and healthy periods?
Shaathi Ambassadors are individuals who are actively committed to promoting washable
cloth pads and revaluing menstruation in their communities through advocacy, education (formal and informal),
discussion groups and/or selling Shaathi pads.
As Shaathi Padvocates:
  • Distribute leaflets and stickers to women in your area
  • Share your work on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc)
  • Write blog posts
  • Fundraise for our Pad for Pad and Pad for Sisters programs
  • Create an online advocacy campaign related to our work
  • Use days like Menstrual Hygiene Day, Intl Women's Day, Earth Day or World Environment Day
    to reach out to women through your existing circle of friends, female colleagues with societies
    and clubs, on your college campus or other institutions, or at fairs and other events.
  • Sell Shaathi cloth pads whilst spreading the message of our work.
We are happy to work with you to provide you with the resource materials to be an ambassador
in your specific context. We do require that ambassadors be actively engaged with us,
documenting and sharing the work with us - we are always happy to help promote future events on
social media and we love to share photos and stories of what our ambassadors are doing!


Pad for Pad
Menstrual health education and free pad gifting programs to adolescent girls.
Pad for Your Shaathi
Menstrual health education and process for introducing cloth pads to marginalized women. Cloth pads are discounted so as to be affordable.
Menstrual Health and Hygiene Education (MHHE)
The MHHE program is designed to ensure that women and girls who receive our reusable pads are also equipped with the knowledge and skills for maintaining a happy and healthy menstrual cycle. This program is outlined to function as a capacity building tool to effectively engage women and girls to create a safe space for learning and discussing menstruation so they can manage their periods in a hygienic manner with dignity.


What our Padvocates think of our pads:

“These reusable pads perform as well as the plastic pads that I was using; thank you for the seamless transition.”
- Esha, Dhaka
“I wanted to help create awareness on women’s health so I tried Shaathi pads. They are soft and comfortable - it definitely feels empowering!”
- Nabila, Dhaka

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Giving is not just about making a donation – it is about making a difference.

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Dhaka Bank Limited
Branch: Gulshan circle 02
A/c number: 1021090000827

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