Shaathi Pads –

The Healthy Choice

Shaathi pads are proudly fully owned and designed in Bangladesh.

We have developed our Shaathi pads with the aim of creating a set of reusable pads that best meet the needs and preferences of women and girls.

Shaathi pads are available in singles, or in bundle packs of five with a bonus wet bag!


Shiuli Pad

Standard-Sized pad,

Highly absorbent,

Preferred for daytime

9.4inch x 7.5inch width

Shapla Pad


Belted style, for those who do not wear underwear

12inch x 3inch width


Jaba Pad

Longer pad with extra coverage at the back, and with snap button

Preferred for overnight


11inch x 6.5inch width


Carrying Pouch

Designed to carry used pads



Reusable for 12+ months
Only 1 distribution per year
High-tech durable construction


All-in-one design with wings and buttons for simple fastening
Easy fold and carry
Developed through User-Centered Design


Advanced stay-dry top layer
Ultra-absorbent core layers
Anti-leak security layer